When environmentalists don't vote, politicians don't listen, so we're using cutting edge techniques to boost environmental turnout by as much as 12% each year. Donate your spare change and help us mobilize an army of environmental super voters.

The Environmental Voter Project

Voters don't prioritize environmental issues, so it's really hard to get politicians to prioritize them. We're focusing on a simple, high-leverage solution to this problem: instead of trying to convince voters to care more about the environment, we use data analytics to identify existing environmentalists, and then apply cutting-edge behavioral science to turn them into consistent voters. We've identified 15.78 million poorly-voting environmentalists across the United States, and we're mobilizing them to vote in local, state, and federal elections.

How MyChange Works

MyChange rounds up your everyday purchases to the nearest dollar and donates the spare change to The Environmental Voter Project.

Connect cards you use when making your everyday purchases to your MyChange account.

Spend like normal and MyChange will round-up your purchases to the nearest dollar but never more than the monthly maximum you’ve set.

Lunch $8.23

Roundup $0.77

Watch as your change automatically makes a difference by helping The Environmental Voter Project.


MyChange is powered by financial technology that meets the highest standards of data security (256-bit SSL encryption), privacy and regulatory compliance. SSL encryption is the same technology used by leading U.S. financial institutions and by millions of consumers of financial technology applications.
You can set a cap for your monthly contribution ($8 minimum) per cause. For example, if you want to support two causes (the maximum is three) you can set a cap of perhaps a maximum monthly cap of $22 per month -- $11 per cause, for two causes. And, rest assured, you can always change or add causes or stop contributing at any time.
We take your privacy very seriously:
  1. All sensitive information is encrypted.
  2. We do not store your bank information on our servers.
  3. We will never sell or rent your personal information to anyone.
Only the organizations and candidates you elect to support through MyChange will receive your contact information and, for political contributions, any other information required by law (i.e. occupation, employer and place of business).
To start rounding-up for your selected cause or candidate we need three things from you:
  1. Create a username name (your email address) and a password to establish an account
  2. Your user name and password to your financial institutions website so we can compute and accrue your daily roundup amounts and
  3. Your credit or debit card number, expiration date and CVV so we can debit your account once a month and contribute the amounts to your cause or candidate.
MyChange is backed by a team with many years of collective work experience with political programs, non-profit organizations, trade unions, and campaigns that support causes that connect with progressive Democrats, liberals and activists. We are uniquely positioned and trusted to introduce progressives to the easiest way to make a difference to the causes they care about.