Imagine if all you needed to champion what you believe were the coins that jingle when you walk. Those pennies at the bottom of your purse. What if there were a tip jar for your personal values? What if your change could create change? You know, the kind that happens when one person finds a super easy way to make a difference. And then another. And then another million.

MyChange was born to give busy, forward-thinking people the simplest way to feel good by doing good. First, the app is everywhere you go: on your phone and on the web. Second, it’s a breeze to use: Just sign up, choose the organizations or campaigns you want to support, and set a total monthly donation limit. That’s it. The app does the rest, Rounding Up your transactions to the nearest dollar, and splitting the change among the causes you select. Want to help turn a good candidate into a winning candidate? OK. Looking to protect the environment? End income inequality? Give locally? Absolutely. Fight back against the Koch Brothers? Go for it.

Small Change. Big Change. MyChange.

The MyChange team is backed by many years of collective experience running progressive organizations, managing candidate and issue campaigns, organizing funding, evaluating programs, and providing training and organizational development to nonprofits. For decades, our team has worked closely with many of the organizations that connect with liberals and progressives in America, giving us unparalleled experience with the needs and culture of this market. We are uniquely positioned and trusted to introduce progressives and liberals to the easiest way to make a difference to the causes they care about.

Blake Fleetwood

A former reporter for the New York Times, Blake left the paper to found Cook Travel, an online booking platform for international business and first class travel. 40 years later, Cook Travel now generates over $30 million in sales. This past year, Blake bought MyChange to help charity organizations find new ways to engage with donors and find the money they need to progress their grassroots activism.

Carlos Armazan

As the Business Liason for MyChange and Marketing Man for Cook Travel, Carlos has extensive experience with Google Ads, Facebook advertising along with other social platforms.


Ruby on Rails expert and Strategic Advisor to MyChange, Jason's years of software development in e-commerce honed his eye for effective user experience and agile development. He specializes in building impactful web, mobile and touchscreen experiences.

Nancy Mandujano

Nancy has always believed in the power of technology to enact social change. After founding BetaStuff, a software development company focusing on social justice and social change, Nancy has worked on multiple projects such as developing applications that connect at-risk youth to upwardly mobile jobs. Her experience in social impact technology brings a unique perspective to the team as Lead Developer


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