Imagine if all you needed to champion what you believe were the coins that jingle when you walk. Those pennies at the bottom of your purse. What if there were a tip jar for your personal values? What if your change could create change? You know, the kind that happens when one person finds a super easy way to make a difference. And then another. And then another million.

MyChange was born to give busy, forward-thinking people the simplest way to feel good by doing good. First, the app is everywhere you go: on your phone and on the web. Second, it’s a breeze to use: Just sign up, choose the organizations or campaigns you want to support, and set a total monthly donation limit. That’s it. The app does the rest, Rounding Up your transactions to the nearest dollar, and splitting the change among the causes you select. Want to help turn a good candidate into a winning candidate? OK. Looking to protect the environment? End income inequality? Give locally? Absolutely. Fight back against the Koch Brothers? Go for it.

Small Change. Big Change. MyChange.

The MyChange team is backed by many years of collective experience running progressive organizations, managing candidate and issue campaigns, organizing funding, evaluating programs, and providing training and organizational development to nonprofits. For decades, our team has worked closely with many of the organizations that connect with liberals and progressives in America, giving us unparalleled experience with the needs and culture of this market. We are uniquely positioned and trusted to introduce progressives and liberals to the easiest way to make a difference to the causes they care about.

Robert Seltzer


Bob has more than 25 years experience running early-stage technology companies including more than 15 years in the payment industry. Bob has been actively involved in non-profit activities as a volunteer executive and fundraiser for more than 30 years. Bob’s political and charitable activities include work with North American Congress on Latin America, Church Center for the UN, Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility, New England Masters Swimming, Swim Across America, and the YMCA of the Northshore MA. Bob is most interested in the following causes: economic justice, immigration reform and environmental sustainability.

Eli Il Yong Lee


Eli Il Yong Lee is a Korean American entrepreneur and consultant with over 25 years of experience in progressive politics. He is a former Board President of the Asian American Association of New Mexico and was a longtime board member of the Andrew Goodman Foundation, founded by his mentor, Dr. Carolyn Goodman, the mother of murdered Civil Rights worker Andrew Goodman. Eli graduated from Columbia University in 1990 and resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Eli spends his weekends grilling for his dogs, Miles and Zia.

Mike Locker


Mike Locker is the founder and CEO of Locker Associates, a New York City-based consulting firm that specializes in corporate restructuring, financing and start-ups. As a recognized authority on reorganizing troubled companies, Mike often represents employees of such firms. Clients include labor unions (United Steelworkers, United Autoworkers and International Brotherhood of Teamsters), financial institutions, law firms, bankruptcy trustees and government agencies. Mike has also supported progressive causes for more than fifty years, including North American Congress on Latin America, Students for Democratic Society and works with labor unions for economic justice.

Sandra Wechsler


Sandra Wechsler has two decades of political and entrepreneurial experience, working to elect candidates and further progressive causes. Sandra specializes in consulting with campaign-driven organizations – particularly in the areas of data-driven strategy and evaluation. Sandra received her B.A. in Social Thought and Political Economy from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and her Master’s in Public Health from the University of New Mexico. Sandra lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her husband and her dog Omar - named after the (most important) character in The Wire.

Earl Sacerdoti


Earl is currently a managing partner in Opero Partners LLC, a Silicon Valley consulting company with a proven track record in helping technology companies achieve their growth and profitability objectives. He has decades of business success including founding of one of the first commercial Artificial Intelligence companies and co-founding Symantec, now a $4 billion dollar cyber security company. Earl currently serves on the Board of EnergyOrbit, a leading supplier of cloud-based demand-side energy management/energy efficiency software. Earl's cause interests include: education and adult literacy. .vignette

Edgardo Burgos

Internet Marketing

Mr. Burgos is a creative technologist with over 15 years of experience in developing new methods of Internet marketing. He founded his own firm, Upgrade Your Business, in which he provides businesses and non-profits with the best methods in utilizing the Internet and technology to build and maintain effective social media campaigns. Recently, Mr. Burgos founded a global dance network dedicated to dance entertainment called

Robert Howlett

Senior Systems Administration

As Senior Systems Administrator and Project Manager for MediaTek Consulting, Mr. Howlett has extensive experience organizing and coordinating projects, including website and app design, development and administration, advanced software configurations, implementing cyber-security, and hands-on installation, upgrades and troubleshooting of computer systems and networks.


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