Frequently Asked Questions

About MyChange

MyChange is an app that RoundsUp the transactions from your personal debit and credit cards to the nearest dollar to donate to your favorite organizations or candidates.
The founders are Sandra Wechsler, Ng’ethe Maina, Eli Il Yong Lee, and Adrianne Shropshire. We’ve each had over 20 years organizing, fundraising, running political campaigns, and in general, fighting hard to make the world a better place. We started MyChange as a way for progressive individuals to fund the organizations, causes, and candidates they care about with an independent, sustainable funding stream that organizations can use for whatever they want – staffing, program expenses, buying a building, or even lobbying and electioneering.

Creating an Account

You will need:
  1. An email address (to create an account)
  2. Your username and password to your financial institution's website.
  3. Your card's number, expiration date, and CVV.
Behind the scenes, MyChange needs two things to make the RoundUp work. First, we need to link to your financial institution through your username and password so we can calculate the RoundUp from each transaction. MyChange does not store this information, nor do we view any information about where you are spending your money. We just see the amount of the transaction so we can accurately calculate your RoundUp and send it to your favorite cause or candidate.
MyChange currently supports the following banks:

  • Amex
  • Bank of America
  • Chase
  • Citi
  • Suntrust
  • Wells Fargo
  • Navy Federal Credit Union
  • US Bank
  • USAA
You can also use the search function in the signup process to find an additional 18,000 banks across the country that work with MyChange, including smaller credit unions and local banks.
No. You can only add a personal credit or debit card. MyChange accepts donations to federal candidates in addition to those to nonprofit organizations. The Federal Election Commission does not allow donations from corporations.
No problem. There are no contracts with MyChange. You can cancel or manage your account at any time in the MyDetails section.

The Logistics

You can RoundUp for up to three organizations. If you choose to support a second or third organization, we double or triple your change so that 100% of your RoundUp amount goes to each organization you select. For example, if your total RoundUp for the month is $20.50, we would charge your card $41.00, with $20.50 going to your first organization and $20.50 to your second organization.
Every time you use your credit or debit card, MyChange calculates the RoundUp to the next dollar. For example, if you spend $4.60 at a coffee shop, MyChange rounds up $0.40 to donate to the organizations or candidates of your choice. We only charge your card once a month for the total RoundUp.
Once a month, you will see a charge labeled “MyChange RoundUp” for the total change you donated that month.
MyChange will charge your credit or debit card on the 20th of each month. We only charge your card on a monthly basis and we only charge your card if you have reached $8.00 or more in RoundUps. We will keep rolling over your RoundUps until you have accumulated at least $8.00, and then we will charge your card.
Within two business days of charging your card each month, MyChange sends an ACH electronic payment to the organization or candidate you selected.
If you select to RoundUp for a 501c(3) organization, you will receive a statement noting your tax deduction from the organization you selected. By law, individuals who give to 501(c)4 organizations, political action committees or candidates are unable to receive tax deductions.
You will receive an email from MyChange when your card is charged each month. The organization that you select to roundup for will provide you an official, year-end acknowledgement of your contribution as well.

User Control

Yes. You can set a cap for your monthly donation, per organization. The minimum cap is $8 per month, per organization. For example, if you choose to RoundUp for two organizations, you can choose to set a cap of say $11.00 per month per organization, so your maximum charge each month would be $22.00. You can also pause your RoundUps at any time.
At any time you can view how much you’ve donated to your cause or candidate under MyStats.
If you would like a refund of your contribution, we can help out! If your contribution has not yet been sent to the organization selected, we can issue you a refund immediately. If your contribution has already been deposited by the organization, MyChange will get the organization to refund the money, usually within 48 hours.

Security and Privacy

MyChange follows industry-standard security protocols with separate access controls for each security layer and we require multi-factor authentication. Access to servers and other infrastructure is logged and audited regularly with immediate alerts for changes in access patterns or file modifications. MyChange does not store bank login information nor transaction history on our servers. For more information, please read our Security brief.
Yes. We take your privacy very seriously. All sensitive information is encrypted and decryption is only possible with dedicated hardware within the private network. We do not store your bank information on our servers and we will never sell or rent your personal information to anyone. Only the organizations and candidates you RoundUp for will receive your contact information, including your name, address, email, and for political contributions, any other information required by law (i.e. occupation, employer, and place of business). For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.
No system is full-proof. We utilize separate access controls for each security layer in our software, and multi-factor authentication is required for any and all access to our financial infrastructure. Access to servers and infrastructure is logged and audited regularly with immediate alerts for changes in access patterns or file modifications. Strict control of inbound and outbound access is applied at all levels of the network. All infrastructure is scanned and patched regularly to reduce the risk of known vulnerabilities.


MyChange applies a 10% fee, taken right out of your monthly RoundUp. Of this total fee, 5.5% is applied to pay merchant and processing fees and 4.5% are MyChange administrative fees.

Who can use MyChange?

Anyone can donate to 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations through MyChange. However, by law, only US Citizens or lawfully admitted permanent residents (i.e., green card holder) can utilize MyChange to donate to candidates and political committees.
MyChange works with 501(c)3, 501(c)4, 501(c)5 organizations; state or federal political committees; and state or federal candidates. We have plans to open up MyChange to local political committees and candidates next year. We work with organizations and candidates that are aligned with the values and policies we hold dear. These values and policies include things like economic justice; racial equity; support for women’s health and freedom of choice; criminal justice reform; sensible gun laws; collective bargaining and worker protections; environmental sustainability; and full voter enfranchisement.
Yes. For nonprofit organizations and federal candidates, MyChange works in all fifty states. Nonprofits are responsible for compliance with the charitable solicitation requirements of each state in which it raises funds and in which registration and reporting is required.
Because each state’s political laws differ, the following chart shows where we are able to work with state-level political committees or candidates, where we cannot, and where we are pending. (Please note: This list of states is only for political donations. For nonprofit donations, MyChange works in all fifty states.)

You only need to enter "Business Address" if you are Rounding Up for a state political candidate or committee in CA, ME, MT, NC, or PA. If you are RoundingUp for a federal candidate or committee, or a state candidate in any other allowable state, you do not need to complete the 'Place of Business" field.
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