Prevention Institute serves as a national focal point for primary prevention and equity practice in the U.S. and believes it is uniquely qualified to be the voice that articulates what is possible when comprehensive, high quality prevention strategies are implemented. Its vision, safe and healthy communities for everyone, is deliberately broad and reflects the Institute’s 18 year experience developing its approach to systematizing prevention and equity as a distinct discipline, and not simply an educational message. Prevention Institute is selective in the opportunities it pursues and expects its work to have momentum-building impact, whether that includes training the next generation of prevention leaders or building partnerships that significantly increase the scale and scope of its work. Prevention Institute’s mission is to build prevention and equity into key policies and practices to ensure that the places where all people live, work, play and learn foster health and safety and our definition of health includes mental health and well-being. The Institute infuses a community and policy orientation into prevention practices while also emphasizing the importance of comprehensive quality prevention strategies – ones that are well designed, achieve far-reaching outcomes and include multi-sector collaboration.

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