Global Zero is the international movement for the elimination of nuclear weapons. We are over half a million members strong worldwide, and we’ve built an unprecedented international community of 300 current and former heads of state, national security officials, military commanders, and business, civic and faith leaders. This community shares a strong and credible vision for a world without nuclear weapons. It generates bold new ideas; it transcends borders and conflict zones; and it serves as a source of tremendous courage for others to break from the nuclear status quo. The world is still bristling with more 15,000 nuclear weapons, and the international system that holds these weapons in check is fragile and under strain. Some nuclear-armed states are eyeing expensive and long-term modernization plans, and others actively expand their arsenals, while terrorists are working to get their hands on the bomb. For all those committed to preventing a nuclear catastrophe, this is a moment of acute peril. It is also one of significant opportunity – if we can muster the resources to leverage it. Please consider Global Zero in your selection.

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