Running for a Reason

Running For A Reason was founded to encourage runners to participate in raising money for charitable causes during athletic events. We believe that these athletes share our vision that together, we can make a difference in the lives of others less fortunate than ourselves. We Run For A Reason. Our idea is simple. Commit to raise a dollar a mile. Ask your parents, ask a friend, pitch in a buck yourself. Anyone can get pledges for a dollar a mile! Our strength is in our numbers. 17,300 people ran the Los Angeles Marathon in 2008. If we got just half of those people to commit to $26.20 we would have raised almost a quarter million dollars in just one event. The key is YOU. We need YOU! We encourage runners to commit to a goal of raising money every time they participate in an event. With these contributions we diligently distribute money to organizations and causes that our participants help us choose.

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